Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)


TriniSpace is a Social-Media platform focusing on connecting all Trinis, that’s simple, free and progressive to use.

TriniSpace is for everyone, however, we are a Trinidad based platform aimed at connecting Trinis.

Currently, there’s No App. It is however Coming Soon. was launched in November 2012. The TriniSpace Social Media Platform began in October 2021.

TriniSpace is based in Trinidad, W.I.

Yes. Trinispace is 100% Locally owned and operated. (That means we’re based in Trinidad & Tobago).

The goal of has never been to make money and we haven’t since its inception in 2012. TriniSpace is currently and has always been privately funded. As the platform grows into the top destination for Trinis it will require expansion of infrastructure. We will look at our options that stay true to the original goal of providing a free and open platform to all forever while generating revenue in a non-intrusive way.

Pictures, Videos & Documents

You can upload up to 50 photos at a time. Each photo must be within 6MBs in filesize.

You can upload up to 10 videos at a time. Each video must be within 96MBs in filesize.

You can upload up to 20 documents at a time. Each document must be within 5MBs in filesize.

You have to reach level 1.5 TriniSpacer, which isn’t difficult to reach, to be able to share documents. This ensures a quality experience on


You can learn how to create a group here. You have to reach TriniSpacer Level 1.5, which isn’t difficult to reach, to be able to create a community Group.

No. Groups can be created by any profile / account.

Currently, there are no limits to the number of groups you can create. We do recommend creating groups you are able to sufficiently manage regularly.

No. Forums are attached to groups


TriniSpace encourages members to create and share their own posts, much like Instagram or Reddit. We will consider this in future as we evolve.

There’s no tagging on TriniSpace since our platform is more open than other platforms. Therefore anyone would be able to tag almost anyone should the feature become available. We believe there are some who will abuse this function, making the experience for others uncomfortable and negatively affecting the Members of

Profiles & Accounts

Yes, you surely can, learn how-to here.

With the ‘Business profile’, you have the ability to follow or connect with members; post updates, photos, videos, make comments, join groups, forums, etc. While a ‘Business Listing’ is a standalone, one-time listing of a location that has one image Gallery and Map.

Yes, you can permanently delete your TriniSpace account. Caution: Deleting your account on TriniSpace will delete your data along with associated content forever. These are irretrievable.

No they will not. However, if any member views your profile they will be able to see who you follow.

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